New Listeners Are Fueling Explosive Audience Growth Across Podcasts

2021 was the biggest year for podcasting yet, thanks to a growing number of new and more diverse audiences listening to iHeartRadio’s most popular and emerging podcasts.

This Year in Music is Here! Check out iHeartRadio’s Top Songs and Artists of 2020.

It’s here, iHeartRadio’s top songs of 2020 to commemorate this year’s biggest jams!

Check Out Which Songs Brought Villanova to March Madness Victory!

Congratulations to Villanova on winning the 2018 NCAA Championship—here’s the music their fans love most!

iHeartRadio Celebrates 100 Million Registered Users!

Another Milestone for iHeartRadio: We’ve surpassed 100 million users!

Data Download: Summer 2015

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping, and with that, it seems only fitting to reflect on what songs made up the soundtrack to Summer 2015.

iHeartRadio's Data Download: July

Welcome back to Data Download! Once a month, we’ll be sharing the stats behind your favorite songs, stations and more.

iHeartRadio’s Data Download: June Insights

Today, we’re kicking off a new series on the iHeartRadio blog called Data Download. Once a month, we’ll be sharing the stats behind your favorite songs, stations and more.

Survey Says: Classic Tracks vs. Summertime Hits

We asked iHeartRadio listeners to identify their picks for 2015 “Song of the Summer” and the album they’d take to a deserted island. Here’s what we found...

Happy Fathers' Day-ta!

How has the change in the types of devices we use to listen to music affected the way we listen to music with our families? In honor of Fathers' Day, we decided to take a closer look at how dads today connect with music.

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70 Million...and Counting!

It’s a big day here at iHeartRadio—we’ve officially surpassed 70 million registered users!