iHeartRadio Breaks Another Record: 85 Million Registered Users!

Coming at you with some big news — today, we officially surpassed 85 million registered users! You may remember us celebrating a similar milestone not too long ago: we hit 80 million back in January, adding 5 million users in a little over three months. What’s all the fuss about? This growth means that iHeartRadio is still gaining users at a faster rate than Facebook and any other streaming music service!

And, our registered user number isn’t the only place we’re picking up steam: we’re also proud to announce that the iHeartRadio app has been downloaded more than 900 million times! We also continue to grow on social media, with over 85 million followers across our network.

Plus, iHeartRadio is now available on 80 unique platforms, as we continue to deliver on our promise to be everywhere that our users expect us to be. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without our listeners, so consider this a heartfelt “thanks” from us to you!