#ArtistoftheWeek: Throwback Thursday with O-Town!

Looking for a walk down memory lane? We thought so, which is why we decided to throw it back and host fave oldie-but-goodie band O-Town for an interview to chat about all the wild fashion trends we miss from the early 2000s. From shiny denim jean jackets to mountains of bandanas, we had a blast revisiting O-Town’s style choices from the early days!

During the interview, O-Town’s current members (a quartet consisting of Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Dan Miller and Jacob Underwood) discuss the goofy, yet iconic, album cover accompanying their debut studio album, “O-Town.” The photographer and stylist chose to dress them in matching outfits, and Jacob notes that he wasn't pleased with that - as told by his facial expression in the photo! However, all the band members acknowledge that, surprisingly, the image became the most popular group photo of them (much to their dismay!).

While we definitely miss some trends of the early 2000s, we have to admit that the dragon-printed clothing is a welcome loss. Check out our exclusive Throwback Thursday interview with O-Town below and reminisce about some other old-school fashion faux pas!